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Monitor Your Azure Application with Cloud Monitoring Studio (CMS)

Cloud Monitoring Studio is a performance monitoring solution for Windows Azure deployed applications. It provides real-time performance monitoring mechanism for Azure roles with the help of easy-to-understand graphs. Users can configure required performance counters for individual Azure roles and get the monitoring result in graphs as well as in CSV format.


Cloud Monitoring Studio utilizes Azure Diagnostics API's to configure performance counters over individual roles and instances. It provides very intuitive user interface to configure performance counters and allows one to import these counters from a CSV file before configuring on Azure roles instances.

Windows Azure publishes monitoring results to Windows Azure table "WADPerformanceCountersTable". Windows Azure publishes these results at regular interval and the this interval can be configured externally through a program. Cloud Monitoring Studio extracts these monitoring results as soon as it is published on the Azure table and updates the graphs on CMS GUI. As the entire result extraction process is asynchronous and the result publish interval is pre-configured, there is a time delay of about 3 to 4 minutes before you view the result for that duration.

Cloud Monitoring Studio Features

  • Real-time performance monitoring of Windows Azure Roles (Delay of 3 to 4 minutes)
  • Configuring performance counters on Windows Azure Roles
  • Export monitoring results to CSV files
  • Graphs to view Azure roles performance for configured counters
    • Perfmon view
      • Single comprehensive graph where users can configure various counters for different roles
    • Custom view
      • Configurable view where users can configure multiple graphs for different roles
      • Dynamic number of graphs as per user configuration

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